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VN pledges to strengthen laws on counter-terrorism

VNGOP – Vietnam will make great efforts in cooperating with the international community to fight against terrorism under the UN Convention and other fundamental principles of international laws.

05/24/2007 07:47


Workshop on Strengthening National Legislation on Counter-terrorism -Photo: VNGOP

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) co-organized on May 23 the workshop under the theme of "Strengthening National Legislation on Counter-terrorism ". 

The two-day workshop focused on solutions to effectively implement legal documents on counter-terrorism and the UN Security Council's resolutions. Some legislative methods were also discussed in order to realize the global legal framework on counter-terrorism.

Vietnam is now proactively putting into reality the Strategy on developing the system of laws to 2010 by drafting and approving many new bills and amending the existing laws. The Vietnam Ministry of Public Security is also proposing the compilation of the Law on Counter-terrorism.

According to Ms. Narumi Yamada, Chief representative of UNODC in Vietnam, there are now 12 international conventions and protocols in this field, among which Vietnam has participated in eight documents. Ms. Narumi Yamada stressed that the implementation of international commitments on counter-terrorism in each country will be facilitated if the country's laws are compatible to international conventions.

Mr. Lê Kinh Tài, Assistant to the Foreign Minister, confirmed Vietnam's consistent and clear standpoint on counter-terrorism that Vietnam protests terrorism in all kinds and supports to severely punish terrorists. 

By Phương Uyên