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Vietnam Communication 07 to be held in late September

VNGOP – An international telecommunication exhibition and meeting (Vietnam Communication 07) will be organized from September 19-22, 2007 in Hanoi by the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunication Group (VNPT) and Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Service Company (AES). The event is expected to attract over 150 businesses and groups from 20 countries and territories in the world.

06/14/2007 07:14

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Mr. Bùi Quốc Việt, Director of the VNPT-administered Post Information Center, revealed that many international enterprises will make their first appearance in Vietnam at the exhibition to introduce their products and technologies.

As a part of Vietnam Communication 07, a seminar will be held on issues relating to wireless and information technologies (IT), focusing on such topics as business opportunities of mobile services; new technologies and services; IT integration into telecommunication networks; convergence of information-informatics-Internet.

Vietnam's telecommunication sector is now gorwing rapidly (30%/year). In Vietnam, there are five telecoms (VNPT, Viettel, Saigon Postel, EVN Telecom and Hanoi Telecom) with a subscription number of about 30 million.

By Hoàng Phương