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Two special working teams sent to Covid-19 hotspot

VGP – The Ministry of Health has dispatched two permanent special working teams to Vinh Phuc province on February 13 in the latest effort to combat Covid-19 epidemic.

February 13, 2020 4:24 PM GMT+7

The locality has been hit hardest by the epidemic with 11 residents tested positive for the virus out of 16 confirmed Covid-19 patients in Viet Nam after eight workers returned home from China's Wuhan.

One working team shall be in charge of guiding deployment of preventive measures and isolation work while the other is responsible for directing treatment. Thei mission will only be completed until the situation is stable. 

Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen said isolidating infected areas is the first priority for Vinh Phuc.

Earlier on February 12, the local authorities set up five more checkpoints around Son Loi commune of Binh Xuyen district for 24-hour control.

The above move was made after three-month-old girl contracted the virus from her grandmother, becoming the 10th Covid-19 patient in Vinh Phuc province and the 7th infection case in Binh Xuyen district.

All the communal residents shall not be allowed to leave the affected area since February 13.

The same day, the local authorities approved a proposal of the Department of Education and Training to postpone reopening of schools at all levels until February 23./.

By Kim Loan