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Spain accepts Vietnamese new passports

VGP - The Spanish Embassy in Viet Nam has released a notice affirming that from August 8, it accepts visa applications of holders of Viet Nam's new passports, requesting applicants to submit their valid ID cards together with the passports.

Posts Khanh Phuong

August 08, 2022 6:31 PM GMT+7
Spain accepts Vietnamese new passports - Ảnh 1.

This image shows Viet Nam’s new passports, in blue-violet color, which has been in use since July 1, 2022. Photo: VGP

According to the notice, after conducting compulsory technical consultations, authorized agencies of Spain decided to accept the new-style passport (dark blue cover) of Viet Nam as it includes necessary information in line with international regulations.

However, as the place of birth is a compulsory information for applicants of Schengen visas, holders of the new passports must include their valid ID cards in their applications to show this information, it said.

Visa applicants with the new passports should be aware that, according to Schengen regulations, visas issued on the passports will not be valid for entry into the territories of the Schengen member states where the new passports are not accepted. 

The embassy recommended that visa applicants who plan to travel many different countries must contact the embassies of those countries before departing.

Previously on August 1, the Spanish Embassy in Viet Nam announced temporary suspension of granting Schengen visas, short term visas for tourism or business purposes, to holders of Viet Nam's new passports put into use on July 1.

There are many passports of other countries that do not show the holder’s place of birth.