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Singapore eases quarantine regulations for some travelers from Viet Nam

VGP – Singapore has announced that selected incoming travelers entering Singapore from 23:59 on June 17 will not have to serve 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) at Dedicated Facilities if they had remained in Viet Nam in the last 14 consecutive days prior to their entry.

06/17/2020 05:51

The above-mentioned travelers mean Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Long Term Pass Holders only. They can serve their 14-day SHN at their place of residence where they must remain at all times and be subject to mandatory monitoring, pre-travel health declaration, and testing for COVID-19 (chargeable).

The move is a clear evidence that Viet Nam has successfully contained the pandemic and it has gone 62 straight days without COVID-19 community infection while the patient tally is relatively low, with 335 cases, including 325 recovered ones.

Viet Nam’s success came as a result of right and clear-cut attitude towards the pandemic since the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak. The nation was the first country in the world to apply mandatory health declaration for all incoming travelers and also one of the first few countries to embark on a “new normal” situation.

Also under the Singapore's notice, travelers (Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Long Term Pass Holders only) from other countries and territories namely Australia, Brunei, mainland China, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan will no longer have to serve their SHN at dedicated facilities.

Incoming travelers (Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Long Term Pass Holders only) who enter Singapore from 23:59 hours on June 17, will be required to stay at SHN dedicated facilities (chargeable) and be subject to mandatory pre-travel health declaration and COVID-19 testing (chargeable)./.

By Quang Minh