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Rice exports fulfills target ahead of schedule

VNGOP – The country has so far exported 4.5 million tons of rice for US $1.5 billion, fulfilling the yearly target, according to the Viet Nam Food Association (VFA).

11/06/2007 07:07

The country’s brown rice out put is expected to reach 35.9 million ton, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development forecast.

The ministry added that 2007 was a favorable year for exports of farm produce, including rice. Export prices for Vietnamese rice have risen to be on a par with those of rice from Thailand.

The achievements were attributed to the agricultural sector’s efforts in improving products’ quality in addition to favorable changes in the world market.

The VFA forecast that rice exports could reach 4.8 million tons in 2008, while the world’s rice price would remain high.

Việt Nam has shipped rice to over 70 countries and territories, including the EU, Japan and the US.

(Source: VNA)