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Nikkei Asia: Viet Nam among top 10% of countries administering most vaccine doses daily per capita

VGP – Viet Nam jumped to 118th from 121st in the latest edition of Nikkei's COVID-19 Recovery Index which was issued on October 6.

10/07/2021 10:00

According to the index, the Southeast Asian nation received a full score of 10 in the "new vaccines" subcategory, meaning it was among the top 10 percent of countries administering the most vaccine doses daily per capita.

Although the nationwide vaccination rate has just passed 10 percent, over half the population in Ho Chi Minh City has received two shots, a promising development for Viet Nam's epicenter, which has accounted for three-quarters of the country's COVID-19 deaths.

Nikkei COVID-19 Recovery Index ranks more than 120 countries and regions on infection management, vaccine rollouts and social mobility.

The higher the ranking indicates a country or region is closer to recovery with its low number of confirmed infection cases, better vaccination rates and/or less stringent social distancing measures.

As of late October 6, Viet Nam confirmed 822,687 COVID-19 cases, according to the Ministyr of Health.

The national caseload includes 818,091 locally transmitted cases recorded in 62 cities and provinces since April 27 when the fourth COVID-19 wave began.

The number of recoveries was 757,086, accounting for 92 percent of the national tally while the country’s death toll reached 20,098, representing 2.4 percent of the caseload.

The nation has administered 48,155,037 COVID-19 vaccine doses, with 12,221,677 people having been fully vaccinated./.

By Thuy Dung