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New power plant connected to national grid

VNGOVNet – Power Plant Cà Mau 1 as a part of the National Major Project on Gas-Electricity-Fertilizer Cà Mau, was officially connected to the national electricity grid on April 04.

04/05/2007 07:12

Power Plant Cà Mau 1

The first gas-fuelled turbine group of the plant has a maximum capacity of 250 MW. However, it is now temporarily powered with oil, reaching a capacity of 230 MW. After turbine group 1 experiences its one-month trial run, group 2 will be put into operation, and group 3 in late 2007, giving a total capacity of 750 MW.

The start-up of Plant Cà Mau 1 is expected to help deal with the current lack of electricity in dry season in Vietnam.

By Hoàng Nguyên