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NA passes resolution on socio-economic development for 2020

VGP – With 88.2% of votes, the National Assembly’s deputies passed a resolution on socio-economic development by 2020 on November 11 in Ha Noi.

11/11/2019 10:51


The resolution targets to stabilize the macro-economy; control inflation; raise productivity, quality, and efficiency, self-reliance, and competitiveness of the economy; perfect institutions; generate a fair investment and business environment; accelerate the economic restructuring in combination with growth modal; accelerate the progress of national important projects; uphold the role of key economic regions and big urban areas. 

Key preset norms included a 6.8% GDP; a CPI of under 4% ; total export value growth rate of 7%; a trade deficit of under 3%; a total social development investment of 33-34% of GDP, a reduction of 1-1.5% in household poverty (based on multilateral poverty lines) and a reduction of 4% in household poverty rates in poor districts; an unemployment of under 4% in urban areas; 65% of laborers trained; 25% of trained laborers with diplomats, certificates; 28 hospital beds per 10,000 residents (excluding those in communal health clinics);  a health insurance coverage of 90.7% ; 90% of industrial and export processing zones with standard centralized waste water treatment systems; and a forest coverage of 42%.

Regarding key tasks and solutions for 2020, the National Assembly approved of the tasks and solutions of the Government, the Supreme People’s Court, and the Supereme People’s Procuracy. 

The NA tasked the Government and relevant agencies to implement the tasks and solutions; continue to build and perfect the legal system in response to integration, macro-economic stabilization, inflation curbing, safeguarding of big balances. 

The NA asked ministries, agencies, and localities to mobilize and utilize rsources; perfect infrastructure; develop urban areas; speed up progress of the North-South Express and site clearance of Long Thanh international airport. 

The legislative body also noticed that the Government and relevant agencies allocate resources; take active step to respond to climate change; prevent natural resources; manage natural resources; protect the environment; combat corruption and wastefulness; maintain socio-political stability; and prevent corruption./.  

By Kim Loan