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More regulations on accountability of State agencies

VGP - The Government has recently issued a Decree regulating the accountability of State agencies in implementation of their assigned tasks and powers.

August 14, 2013 3:33 PM GMT+7

It is stated that explanations must be open, transparent, sufficient and timely to ensure legitimate interests and rights of the State, organizations and individuals.

The Decree defines conditions for explanation requirements, which shall be made by regulated enquirers in a right process.

Explanation requirements are saved in registration books and the enquirers must be informed within five working days whether their requirements are accepted or not.

State agencies shall give explanations directly or via documents within 15 days since they inform the enquirers about the acceptances.

In complicated cases, State agencies can extend the deadline for their explanations within 15 more days by sending a document to the enquirers about the extension.

The Decree states contents which State agencies do not have to give explanations, are State secret information, State agencies’ information related to monitoring and organizing the implementation of their internal work, private and business secrets, and explained or being-addressed issues.

The Decree will come into effect since September 30, 2013.

By Ngoc Van