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MoF strives to simplify administrative procedures

VNGOP – Under the direction by the PM in rechecking and revising administrative procedures, leaders of the Government Office had a working session with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in the afternoon of May 15.

05/16/2007 07:07


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According to the Administrative Reform Department (Government Office), most businesses are now facing problems concerning procedures on tax return, tax collection, tax registration and customs procedures.

The MoF revealed that it has completed the draft law on tax management and the Ministry of Justice is now judging the draft decree instructing the implement of this law. Whenever the decree is issued, a self-control mechanism will be applied in tax management, so that enterprises' tax contribution can be improved considerably.

In tax registration, the MoF informed the abrogation of the registration of export-import code in the Tax Registration Certificate. This helps to reduce the issuance of tax code from eight to five working days for businesses and 12 to tens for households/individuals.

After hearing the different opinions, the Government Office Deputy Head, Mr. Nguyễn Quốc Huy suggested the MoF to recheck and select the most troublesome administrative procedures which should be revised or abrogated, then propose and submit the solutions prior to May 31, 2007 to the PM for consideration and decision. Within its competent, the MoF can abrogate some procedures and make report to the Government Office before June 30, 2007.

By Hoàng Nguyên