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Intel builds biggest chipset factory in VN

VNGOVNet – The construction of a chipset assembling and testing plant was started on March 28 by the Liability-limited Company Intel Products Vietnam in the Hồ Chí Minh City Hi-tech Park. This investment project is worth of US$ 1 billion.

03/29/2007 07:42


Covering an area of over 460,000 square meters, this is the biggest factory of its kind in the worldwide system of chipset assembling and testing plants run by Intel Group.

The construction is scheduled to last for 18 months and the factory is expected to operate in mid-2009, generating around 4,000 jobs for Vietnamese laborers.

The event is considered an important starting point in Intel’s investment strategy in Vietnam.

According to some experts, apart from attracting world and Vietnamese investors in microelectronics and semi-conducting industry, Intel will develop a network of suppliers right in Vietnam in the coming time.

By Xuân Hồng