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HCM to tighten movement restrictions to flatten COVID-19 infection curve

VGP – Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) will tighten movement regulations as it has seen exponential increase in daily COVID-19 infections.

07/25/2021 06:01

Vice Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Municipal People Committee Phan Van Mai

The southern metropolis has recorded more than 58.000 COVID-19 cases despite having undergone social distancing over the last 55 days, said Vice Secretary of the Municipal People Committee Phan Van Mai.

The pandemic situation remains complicated partly because social distancing rules have not been strictly implemented, with many people spotted in streets or talking, emphasized Phan.

In order to flatten the infection curve, the city will soon issue document to tighten outdoor movement with specified time frames and reasons for going out. As an example, specific groups may be limited to go out after 6:00 pm, he added.

During this period of movement restrictions, HCMC will increase the supply of goods, provide assistance to people with difficulties and vulnerable groups, as well as improve attention to medical emergencies./.

By Anh Minh