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Gov’t issues March regular resolution

VGP – Lending interest cuts in favor of business operation, speeding of SOEs equitization process, disclosure of corruption cases were key topics of the Government’s March regular resolution.

04/06/2014 10:26

According to the newly-approved resolution, the Government asked ministries, agencies and localities to drastically implement Resolution 01/NQ-CP, dated on January 2, 2014 on major tasks and solutions guiding and directing the realization of the Plan for socio-economic development and state budget estimate in 2014.

The State Bank of Viet Nam is in charge of adjusting interest rates for old loans in order to extricate difficulties for the business circle and upholding the role of the Viet Nam Asset Management Company (VAMC).

The Ministry of Finance works with related ministries, agencies and localities to strictly control refunds of VAT and collect tax.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible for early conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the Viet Nam-Korean Free Trade Agreement (VKFTA) and the FTA with the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

The Government asks the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to positively implement the Project on agricultural restructuring and keep a close watch on the flu epidemic.

Ministries, agencies and localities accelerate the implementation of the Master plan on economic restructuring with a view to attracting private and foreign resources, raising higher national competitiveness and improving the business environment.

The Government also requested the Ministry of Home Affairs to define and publicize the Public Administration Reform Index 2013 (PAR INDEX 2013).

The Government Inspectorate focuses on fields which are vulnerable to corruption and handles prolong complaints and accusations./.

By Huong Giang