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Gov't adopts plan to implement National Power Development Plan VIII

VGP – Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has signed a decision approving a plan detailing the implementation of the National Power Development Plan VIII (NPDP VIII).

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April 01, 2024 8:49 PM GMT+7
Gov't adopts plan to implement National Power Development Plan VIII- Ảnh 1.

Accordingly, the Government will accelerate energy transition from fossil to new and renewable energgies to reduce environmental polution and greenhouse gas emmissions, contributing to achieving Viet Nam's commitment to net-zero emmissions by 2050.

The plan identifies measures to attract investment capital as well as coordination mechanisms between ministries, agencies and localities in the implementation of the NPDP.

Regarding priority power source investment projects from now to 2030, the Government targets to raise the total domestic gas-fired power capacity to 14,930 MW and the total LNG-fired power capacity to 22,400 MW.

The Government also plans to increase the total coal-fired power capacity to 30,127 MW and the total hydro-power capacity to 29,346 MW by the end of this decade.

The total offshore wind power capacity is expected to reach 6,000 MW, onshore wind power is projected to amount to 21,880 MW by 2030.

The Government plans to import from 5,000 MW to 8,000 MW from Laos.

Central and South Viet Nam are potential regions for power export of 5,000 MW đến 10,000 MW if feasible projects are implemented.

The plan also identifies a list of key power transmission investment projects, including those to connect power grid between Viet Nam and neighboring countries.

The NPDP VIII, approved by the Government in May last year, covers viewpoints, objectives and orientations for power development until 2030, vision to 2050./.