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First shot scheduled next week as part of Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial

VGP - NANOGEN BIOPHARMACEUTICAL will recruit 60 volunteers aged from 18-50 for its first phase of human trials of a potential Covid-19 vaccine from December 10.

December 09, 2020 8:22 PM GMT+7

These volunteers will then be divided into three smaller groups, each receiving three different vaccine dosages: 25 milligrams, 50 milligrams and 75 milligrams.

Each volunteer will receive two shots of the vaccine named Nanocovax, with a gap of 28 days between the first and the second in the phase 1 trials.

The first shot is scheduled to begin on December 17.

The clinical trials could be completed by April next year and the vaccine may be distributed in the following months, according to Nanogen General Director Ho Nhan

Viet Nam currently has four Covid-19 vaccines under development by Nanogen, the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals (IVAC), Vaccine and Biological Production Company No. 1 (Vabiotech) and the Center for Research and Production of Vaccines and Biologicals (Polyvac).

NANOGEN BIOPHARMACEUTICAL is a leading company that is doing research and development of active Biopharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and specific therapeutic injections in Asia-Pacific region, based on advance in recombinant DNA and protein technologies.

Nanogen’s team consists of high-qualified scientists and graduates in diversity of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare. We have an international business network with the aim to produce high quality, affordable biotherapeutics.

Nanogen R&D Director Do Minh Sy said on December 9 that the company’s Covid-19 vaccine research and production project has been carried out since March and Nanocovax has been developed based on recombinant protein technology.

As of 6:05 pm on December 9, Viet Nam confirmed 1,381 Covid-19 patients, including 1,225 recoveries and 35 fatalities./.

By Huong Giang

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