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First geo-thermo-electric station to be built in Quảng Ngãi

VGP – Việt Nam’s first geo-thermo-electric plant with an 18.6 MW capacity will be built in Mộ Đức suburban district of the central province of Quảng Ngãi.

07/31/2008 08:00

ORMAT Technologies (US), the world’s leading group on geo-thermo-electricity, was selected by PetroVietnam Power Corporation (PV Power) as its technical partner.  

Thanks to ORMAT’s technology, the sources of geo-thermo energy (water, mineral water, steam- gas mixture) will be channeled to heat-bags where a high pressure is created to warm up geo-thermo liquids. This is a closed environmentally-friendly process.  

PV Power, the chief investor, revealed that it is surveying another possible site in Quảng Ngãi Province.

By Thanh Thúy