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EuroCham expects to raise US$500,000 to support Viet Nam’s COVID-19 fight

VGP - The European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) expected to raise US$500,000 to support Viet Nam’s COVID-19 fight through an ambitious fundraising campaign.

09/01/2021 09:10

Just ten days after the “Breathe Again” campaign was launched on August 17, individuals and businesses committed at least US$150,000.

With cases continuing to rise and healthcare professionals working around the clock to treat patients, EuroCham is encouraging its members to donate to a new fund which will be used to procure much-needed medical equipment for Viet Nam’s hard-pressed hospitals.
The initiative is the brainchild of Gricha Safarian, Founder of Puratos Grand-Place Viet Nam. EuroCham has agreed to lead and manage the campaign, aiming to utilize its large and diverse membership – counting over one thousand enterprises and investors in all sectors and industries – to ensure the largest possible fundraising effort.

All funds donated to the “Breathe Again” campaign will be used to purchase European medical devices and equipment for hospitals in Viet Nam’s hardest-hit areas. EuroCham will work with the health authorities to make sure that the equipment goes to where it is needed and will have the greatest impact. The chamber will also be flexible, working with donors to ensure that wherever possible their donation goes to a particular province or community.
EuroCham will work with suppliers to procure the equipment and ensure their quick and transparent delivery to hospitals in these areas within a few days of sufficient donations being received./.

By Huong Giang