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Cần Thơ prepares a high-quality labor force for int’l economic integration

VGP - The southern city of Cần Thơ plans to become a main supplier of high-qualified human resource for the Mekong Delta, the whole country, and even the world market by 2020.

08/15/2008 07:10

Cần Thơ aspires to export skillful laborers to Asian and international markets

The City People’s Committee just decided to invest VND 7,600 billion in the human resource program from now until 2010, with vision to 2020.

Accordingly, a regional-level network of training establishments will be founded in order to nurture a powerful contingent of scientific and technological experts to promote the city’s knowledge-based economy.

By 2010, 50% of the city’s workforce will have been given vocational courses; 100% districts have standard vocational centers; and 90% graduates from vocational courses earn proper jobs.

The Cần Thơ University will be developed into one of the key national universities. The city will also enhance international cooperation in human resource training, so as to establish international schools from primary to tertiary levels, and build up a university village after 2010.

Besides, the city will also concentrate on generating professional scientists as the core force for development and international integration.

By Phùng Lợi