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ASEAN transport connectivity consolidated

VGP - The 28th ASEAN Senior Transport Officials Meeting (STOM 28) and the 15th meeting of ASEAN Transportation Ministers (ATM15) will be held from December 7-11 in Hà Nội.

11/25/2009 04:07

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ASEAN transportation leaders of will focus on strengthening transport connection, liberalizing and opening transportation services as well as creating favorable conditions for transnational land transport between ASEAN countries.

Besides these meetings, there are other meetings between ASEAN and dialogue countries such as 8th China-STOM, 8th Japan-STOM and 1st Republic of Korea-STOM, 8th China ATM, 7th Japan ATM and 1st Korea ATM.

On the occasion, many international treaties and agreements will be signed, including the Multilateral Agreement for the Full Liberalization of Passenger Air Services (MAFLPAS), the Protocol to implement the sixth package of commitment on Air Services Negotiation, ASEAN-Korea Transport Cooperation Agreement and an Agreement to investigate marine accidents.

In addition, Ministers of ASEAN and dialogue countries will approve such documents as the Implementation Work Program (IWP), ASEAN-Japan Action Plan on Environment Improvement in the Transport Sector (AJ-APEIT), Operational Guidelines of the ASEAN-Japan Transport Statistic Database, ASEAN-Korea Transport Partnership Work Plan, and references on ASEAN Transit Transportation.

By Thùy Dung