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Bird flu control to be tightened

VNGOP – Facing the complicated development and rapid spread of bird flu which has just recurred in some localities, the National Steering Board for Bird Flu Control convened a meeting in the afternoon of May 22 to discuss urgent solutions to deal with the epidemic.

05/23/2007 07:30


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According to the Veterinary Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), major causes of the recrudescence of bird flu can be attributed to local people's underestimation and local authorities' loose direction over preventive work. Another factor is that the veterinary bodies failed in controlling the incubation and vaccination for fowls, said Mr. Hoàng Văn Năm, Deputy Head of the Veterinary Department.

To timely control bird flu, the MARD set up some working teams which will be dispatched to the localities with induses to promptly stamp out the epidemic and accelerate vaccination.

A source revealed that, after testing the quality and obtaining the commitment from the producer Merila, the Veterinary Department issued on May 17 Document 703/TY-QLT permitting the use of vaccine H5N9 for geese.

From May 01, bird flu has recurred in 13 communes of ten districts in five provinces (Nghệ An,  Quảng Ninh, Cần Thơ, Sơn La and Nam Định). The number of infected poultry reached 3,615 (including 3,515 ducks and 100 geese) among 16,360 in total (16,000 ducks and 396 geese). The whole flock of 16,360 fowls will be exterminated.

By Nguyên Hồ